This blog has been designed to provide information about the activities held at the social studies bilingual sections in CPI Tino Grandío (Guntín,Spain). The English language and Social Studies teachers have elaborated most of the resources you can see but our "auxiliares de conversa" also have their own page and posts. Therefore everyone is invited to have a look .

CPI Tino Grandío (our school)

Our school is called CPI Tino Grandío. It’s located in a village of Lugo (Spain). It opened in 1978 as CP Guntín and in 2001 it changed its name and became CPI Tino Grandío, as Tino Grandío was a famous painter from our village. At present there are 167 students and 29 teachers at infant, primary and secondary education.

Classes start at 9:45 o’clock and finish at 16:15.

Students at CPI Tino Grandío can use the following services:
-The school canteen
-Bus service to all the villages in our municipality
-After school activities:  English language, Computer studies, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Skating, etc.

These are some of the rooms that we have:
At the computer room
At the computer room

At the school library
Carnival parade in Guntín