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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn-Reading Club

Next month the Reading Club at CPI Tino Grandío will have another session for those of us who enjoy reading books in English. Samuel Donnelly has suggested Huckleberry Finn and we are all looking forward to reading it. As some members of the reading club can't read fluently in English (mainly teachers, I'm afraid) some copies in Galician and Spanish will soon be bought.
If you think it's a difficult book for you, just try and take it home. You'll certainly like it as much as those of us who have already read it. You'll find it at the school library and you can listen to the audio files here.
If your English is very good you can try and have a look at the orginal book (ias the author wrote it) at the Project Gutenberg site.Click here.
... And if you aren't a member of the Reading Club yet, this is an excellent occasion for you to join it.

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