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Friday, May 27, 2011

Map competition

These are the maps that were given in for the Bilingual Sections map competition. You can vote for the best map taking into account the following criteria:
  • layout
  • texts in English
  • geographical and historial accuracy
If you are studying at CPI Tino Grandío tell Maite or Ana which is your favourite. If you are not studying in our school, write a comment at the bottom stating which map is your favourite.These are the maps:
MAP 1 by Elena Fernández (ESO-3)
MAP 2 by Edgar Ares (ESO-3)

MAP 3 by Alba Martínez (ESO-3)

MAP 4 (Second Carlist War) by Victoria González (ESO-4)

MAP 5 (Second Carlist War) by Laura López (ESO-4)

MAP 6 by Aine Rodríguez (ESO-3)

MAP 7 (Independence of American Countries) by Alba García (ESO-4)

MAP 8 (Unification of Italy) by Alba Rodríguez (ESO-4)

MAP 9 (Europe under Nappoleon) by Ángel Pérez

MAP 10 Out of the competition

MAP 11(Africa in 1914) by Lucas Lombardía

MAP 12 (Europe in 1830) by Adrián Balsa
MAP 13 (Independence of American States) by Sofía Díaz
MAP 14 -Out of the competition

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