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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Map competition - 2nd edition

Hi everyone,

This year we are also going to have a map competition so that you can show how you ability and help us illustrate the units for social studies that we are preparing for you. So, download the rules of the competition.

  1. This competition is for historical and geographical maps in English.
  2. It should depict aspects of the 20th century.
  3. You can ask for a template or model to have a reference to help you.
  4. You can do it by hand or digitally but it must be printable in A4 format.
  5. You can submit as many drawings as you want to and give them to your teachers.
  6. The deadline is the 13th of April 2012 
  7. A prize will be given to the author of the best works.
  8. There will be a final exhibition with all the works and they will be uploaded to this blog, which will also be used to illustrate the units under a Creative Commons licence.

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