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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Greetings from Andalucia!

Dear Guntineses,

As I have been "incomunicado" for a good while now, I thought it was time to share what I´ve been up to, and of course a few photos.  I´m currently finishing teaching at a primary school on the island of San Fernando, Cádiz, famous for being the home of the Spanish navy, el Real Teatro de las Cortes (birthplace of the Spanish Constitution of 1812), and Camarón de la Isla, a famous flamenco singer.  I teach social sciences and art to kindergarteners and first graders.  The children are endearing, but it´s a lot of work!  In my free time I have visited some of the amazing towns and natural wonders in Andalucia, of which I am including pictures in this post.  Do you recognize some of the places in these photos?




  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for writing to us. We all wish we were south there, enjoying the beach and the monuments. As you know we are not so fond of flamenco!
    We'll probably read your post in class next week and write some more comments.

  2. Hi,
    Here we miss you, but we are having a great clsses for Sarah. Do you prefer working with younger students? We were in Teruel with teenagers from La Línea de la Concepción.
    Good bye.
    Lucía López

  3. Hi Sam,
    We had a great in your classes. Do you prefer small children or teenager? Which do you like best Galicia or Andalucía? What are your plans?
    We hope to see you again, Goobye
    Cristina López

  4. Hi Sam,
    We went to Teruel this year,we had a good time.
    Do yo like Andalucia? Are you having a good time?
    I miss you. Goobye. Have a good time!
    Iago López Fernández

  5. Hello Sam.
    This year we went to Teruel, and we had a good time.
    We miss you. How is Andalucia?
    Have a good time, and Goobye.
    Thanks for your clases.
    Rubén Lopez.

  6. Hi Sam.
    we went to Teruel in March.Do you like better Galicia or Andalucía?
    Godd bye.
    Marta Expósito.

  7. Hi Sam.
    This year my clasmates went to Teruel in March but I was not, they became great.
    Daniel Gay

  8. Hello Sam.
    I visited Teruel this year and the food was very poor. What is your favourite food from Andalucia?

    Ángel Pérez

  9. Hi sam!how are you?
    I like so much your photos!
    Where is your favorite place in Andalucia?
    What food do you prefer Galician food or Andalucian food?
    I hope you have a good time! :)
    By: Lucía Pérez

  10. Hello Sam!
    Can you understand Andalucian people well?
    We are well becouse we have Sarah, but we want to see you!
    Edgar Ares

  11. Hi Sam:
    I saw that you were in a lot of wonderful places and that you had much work. Will you come to Galicia once again? Do you prefer Galicia or Andalucía?(You don't have to answer this question)I think that you prefer the climate of Andalucía
    Bye Antón

  12. Hello Sam!
    It may be hard to work with young children. Do you prefer Guntín or Cádiz? We listened to Camarón de la Isla when we were with the students from Cádiz. We miss you a lot and I wish you're having a great time.
    Good Bye!

  13. Hi Sam!!!
    We went to Teruel this year and we stayed with people from Cádiz,from La Linea de la Concepción.We listened to music of Camarón de la Isla.
    Have a good time!!
    Alba Martínez :D

  14. Hi Sam ! Do you like Cadiz? The people there is very funny because they have a special way of talking. Do you like Camaron´s music? I listen to his music sometimes.
    Have a good time
    Andrea López! :)

  15. Hi Sam!!!
    We visited Teruel in March and we know people from Cádiz. They were very funny children.
    we want you to write to us soon. :P

    Sonia F. and Denise.

  16. Hi Sam!!!
    We visited Teruel in March and we know people from Cádiz. They were very funny children.
    we want you to write to us soon. :P

    Sonia F. and Denise.

  17. Hi Sam !
    do you like surfing ? i don´t know how to surf
    are there many waves ?
    are there a lot of partys ?
    if you continuos travel , have a good time !
    Good Bye , Noa Vázquez .

  18. Hi Sam! :)
    I'm very happy to know that you are in Cádiz, because I know fantastic people there.
    I heard that you like surfing, is this true?
    Have a good time!
    Andrea Rodríguez

  19. Hi Sam:
    I like so much Andalucía.I'd like travel to this place in summer, but my parents want travel to La Manga del Mar Menor in Murcia. Maybe next year.
    Your photos are very beautiful!
    I wish you have a good time in Andalucía, good bye!

  20. Hi Sam!:)
    How are you? We went to Teruel with people from Cádiz(La Linea de la Concepcioón),we had a good time.I like Andalucia because it is a beautiful place.I'd like to travel to Andalucia.And now we have a lot of examens. In the class of English we do presentations of english countries.I like your photos!I hope you have a good time!:D
    Good bye!
    Sonia López :)

  21. Hi Sam!!
    Do you like Cádiz? It is a beautiful city. I would like to go to Sevilla or Cádiz with my family in the holidays.
    I like the monuments, because they are very beautiful and interesting.
    Do you went to beach? I think that it is the more beautiful place.
    Have a good time!!