This blog has been designed to provide information about the activities held at the social studies bilingual sections in CPI Tino Grandío (Guntín,Spain). The English language and Social Studies teachers have elaborated most of the resources you can see but our "auxiliares de conversa" also have their own page and posts. Therefore everyone is invited to have a look .

Thursday, June 6, 2013

About Taylor Matherly

Hi students! My name is Taylor and I will be your new "auxiliar de conversa" for the next year. I'm 22 years old and am from the  city of Durham in the state of North Carolina. I have also lived in the mountains in a small town in the state of Virginia. Both North Carolina and Virginia are in the south-eastern US. I went to college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and love my school's team, the North Carolina Tar Heels. My favorite Tar Heel sport is basketball. I also enjoy watching and playing baseball. In college, I studied sociology and linguistics. Last summer, I studied at the university in Sevilla. I traveled a little bit, but this will be my first time in Galicia! Since I have never been to Galicia before, do you have any advice for me before I arrive? What are your favorite and least favorite parts about your village? I'm so excited to meet you all!

- Taylor

Here are a few pictures of where I'm from:

^This is Durham, where I was born and lived for a long time.

^Here's a map of the US with North Carolina highlighted.

^Like I said before, I love my university's basketball team. This is a picture of one of the most famous Tar Heels, Michael Jordan, when he went to school and played basketball for UNC.

^ Finally, here's a picture of me with my parents and younger brother on the day I graduated from college. My brother decided to be funny and wear my graduation hat for this picture.


  1. Taylor,
    In Galicia I like the countryside, the pastures in the spring.
    In Galicia I don´t like the weather.
    You should bring winter clothes.

  2. This year has been very cold. You are going to need warm clothes.
    I live in Lugo, my favourites parts of my city are (the Pazo and the Palomar), the sports centres with a lot of basketball courts, the least favourite part, the museum...


  3. Hi Taylor! We are Ana Seijas and Noelia Vigo. We are in 3th Year.
    You should wear warm clothes because the climate in Galicia is colder than Sevilla.
    Our favourite part of Guntín is that we are like a big family because there is few students.
    Our least favourite part is that Guntín is a very small village and there isn't as many services as in a city.
    Ana and Noelia.

  4. Hi Taylor,
    As you can see some of my students have been writing to you. Mst of them are warning you about the weather as this year as been particularly rainy and we would like to get some sun any time soon.
    They are all glad to get another "auxiliar" next year even though we are all a bit tired now the school year is about to finish.

  5. Hello Taylor :) My name is Marina. I lived in Barcelona since I was a baby but this year I have come to Galicia. I like Galicia because there are a lot of mountains, fields and small villages and this is very different from a big city like Barcelona. When you come here, you are going to need warm clothes and umbrellas, the winter here is very cold.

  6. Hi Taylor
    I hope to see you next year.

  7. Hi Taylor!The climate in Galicia is cold.
    I live in Guntín, my favourite part of Guntín is the small village.
    I don´t like the weather.


  8. Hi Taylor,
    The most beatiful place in Lugo is the Roman Wall.


  9. Hi Taylor! WE are Noelia Lodeiro and Anabel and we are in 3º. In October there is a big party in Lugo, it's San Froilán. Guntín is a small village but it's beautiful. The favourite part of the Lugo is the Roman Wall.
    In Galicia, the weather is very cold. We think you'll like it. See you in October.

    Noelia and Anabel.

  10. Hi Taylor!We're Jessica and Jennifer.
    You can come to San Froilan in Octouber. San Froilan is a big celebration in Lugo there are a lot of rides and you can eat octopus. In the night you can watch concerts and orchestras.
    Jessica and Jennifer :)

  11. Hi Taylor. My name is Tomás.
    I live in Guntín. In Guntín there is a beautiful promenade near the river.
    come to know it.

  12. Hi guys! Thank you all so much for all of the helpful information about Guntín and Lugo. I'm so excited to arrive and meet you all!

    - Taylor