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Saturday, January 18, 2014

ESO-3 Reading comprehension exercise

Read the text and answer the following questions:

Back Together

Tamara Rabi had no idea Adriana Scott existed until students at a university in Long Island began confusing her with the other girl. The girls were born in Mexico and then adopted by different sets of parents in the US. Tamara grew up with Jewish parents on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Adriana was raised a Catholic in a Long Island suburb of the city. But each girl had no idea she had a twin until Tamara moved to Long Island.  
In 2003 a friend of Adriana's turned up at Tamara's 20th birthday party and could not believe his eyes. Tamara had already noticed how some people on her university campus smiled and said hello, clearly mistaking her for somebody else.
In 2004 they decided to meet so Tamara contacted Adriana by email and soon afterwards they met in a car park. "I didn't know what to say, except hi. I was just in shock to see myself", says Adriana. The funny thing is that they grew up just 20 miles apart.
We have the same mannerisms, the same interests, the same grades in school," Adriana says.
"We had the same dream when we were younger. It was a nightmare... A really loud noise, followed by a real quiet one," adds Tamara.
Adriana's mother was the only family member on either side who knew she had a twin, but she had no idea where she might be. After agonising over it, she kept it secret to avoid the pain of a possibly fruitless search - a judgement which Adriana agrees with.
"In some ways it's the best of both worlds, as I have a sister but I haven't grown up in a state of sibling rivalry," she says.  
  1. True or false:
    • In 2004, Tamara met Adriana.
    • Tamara met Adriana at a party.
    • Tamara and Adriana are similar.
    • Adriana knew she had a twin even before she met Tamara.
    • The two girls grew up in different countries.
    • They want to be rivals.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    • Why did people at university stare at them?
    • How did Tamara contact Adriana?
    • How are Tamara and Adriana similar? Give two examples.
    • Why didn't Adriana's mother tell her about her sister?
    • How do the girls feel about each other today?
  3. Key to this exercise

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