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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advice to become a good EFL student

If you want to be a good English student:

  • You should study every day.
  • You should pay attention in class.
  • You shouldn´t sleep in class.
  • You shouldn´t use mobile phones in class.
  • You should do your homework every day.
  • You should read a book in English.
  • You should listen to music in English at home.
  • You should practice speaking English with your friends.
  • You should watch films and TV in English.
  • You should study for exams.
  • You should be organized.
  • You shouldn´t play games in class.
  • You shouldn´t shout in class.
  • You should have an English dictionary.
  • You should ask questions when you don´t understand.
By María López Hermida and Sheila Souto López.

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