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Monday, July 7, 2014

interesting comparisons in English

as black as pitch
as blind as a bat
picture by Jorge Martínez - Banco Imágenes INTEF
as brave as a lion
as brown as a berry
as busy as a bee
as cool as a cucumber
as cold as ice
as cunning/sly as a fox
as drunk as a lord
as easy as a pie
as fast as a hare
as fit as a fiddle
as free as a bird
as good as gold
as green as grass
as happy as a lark
as heavy as lead
as high as a mountain
as hungry as a lion
as light as a feather
as long as a month of Sundays
as old as the hills/as Methusalem
as pale as a ghost
as poor as a church mouse
as proud as a peacock
as red as a tomato
as tight as rain
as silent as the grave
as slippery as an eel
as smooth as silk
as sober as a judge
as thin as a rake
as ugly as sin
as wet as a fish
as white as a lily
as wise as an owl

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