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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learn English with your mobile phone

The British Council has selected a series of apps that will help you learn English while using your mobile phone:
  • LearnEnglish Audio and Video
    • Lots of features unique to the app.
    • Offline access to your favourite content.
    • Click any part of the audioscript to jump to that section or listen again.
    • If you're finding the audio too fast, slow it down using the pitch control (iOS only).
    • If you don't know a word, use the built-in glossary.
    • Test how much of the episode you've
  • LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts
    • Three series of LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts to directly download and enjoy on your phone
    • Syncronised audio script
    • Comprehension activities
    • Once downloaded the content is available offline.
    • Free.
  • Big City Small World
    • Big City Small World is an audio soap for learners of English. Set in London, it follows the lives of a group of regulars in Tony's cafe.
    • Syncronised audio script.
    • Over 30 episodes.
    • 10 cartoons with notes on language.
    • Once downloaded the content is available offline.
    • Free.
  • Learnenglish Grammar (UK Edition)
    • Interactive grammar practice with thousands of questions.
    • Wide variety of activity types, taking learners from noticing to production.
    • Follows EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English.
    • In app content for purchase to extend practice.
    • Japanese and Spanish language support.
    • US Edition also available with American English.
  • MyWordBook2
    • Interactive vocabulary learning tool
    • Create flashcards for the words your learning
    • In app content from Cambridge University Press for purchase creates an interactive dictionary
    • Adaptive learning moves words from practice area into review area
    • Sync and share flashcards between devices and with friends.
  • Johnny Grammar's word Challenge
    • Test yourself against our grammar expert Johnny Grammar
    • Spelling quizzes to improve your accuracy
    • Grammar quizzes on different grammar topics
    • Vocabulary quizzes on different themes
    • Collect all the awards as you learn
    • Compete against other learners from around the world.
  • LearnEnglish Sports World
    • LearnEnglish Sports World is a hidden object and word game with a sports
    • theme.
    • Find hidden sports objects in a beautifully illustrated sports scene and correctly spell the hidden sports objects to earn medals.
    • Improve your vocabulary
    • Available for iPhone and iPad.

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