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Monday, February 2, 2015

Choose your favourite NGOs

Have a look at these adverts for NGOs, choose your favourite and write a passage stating the reasons for your choice.

1) Breastfeeding

2) Make a Wish

3) Red Cross - Against Landmines

4) Red Cross - Against Landmines

5) Red Cross - Against wars / For human rights

6) UNHCR - Rights for Refuges

7) UNHCR - Rights for Refugees-2

8) UNHCR - Rights for Refugees- 3

9) UNHCR - Rights for Refugees-4

10) WWF - Against fishing bluefin tuna

11) WWF - Campaign for forests

12) WWF - Down the drain

13) WWF- Fish in Indonesia

14) WWF - Rainforest -1

15) WWF - Rainforests-2

16) WWF - Save the plants; save the planet

17) WWF - Save the plants-2

18) WWF- Rainforest 

19) Pals of the Planet-1

20) Pals of the Planet-2

21) Pals of the Planet-3

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