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Monday, March 9, 2015

Advice for your project on English-speaking cities


  • Choose some relevant websites in English. These websites should offer information that you can easily understand.
  • Take information from your sources but rewrite it, don't just copy and paste: that is plagiarism.
  • Choose interesting, relevant pictures to illustrate.
  • Provide interesting information, suggest useful activities and exciting places to visit.
  • Write short sentences if you are not sure about grammar. It is easier to make mistakes if your sentences are longer.
  • At the end you should mention ALL the sources in the Reference section (the last slide)
  • When you finish, double check to avoid mistakes.

This is the template for our etwinning project about English-cities:

This is a Word 2010 version. If you need a Word 2003 template try this other link.

And this is an example about New York City. However, your presentation can be completely different:

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