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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Read the news in English

There are many websites with abridged versions of the news that can be good practice is you want to read something in English this summer. Why don't you try some of the following?

  • News at different levels at Breaking News English and News in Levels. Choose your level and read the news. Then you can go on to the following level and try it again.
  • BBC Learning English: News English. You'll find the articles, audio files and vocabulary.
  • Simple English News. Here you will find abridged articles and a very interesting section of idioms classified according to the topic they refer to.
  • VOA Learning English is another interesting website. Instead of choosing the level in each of the articles, first you have to choose your level, and then you'll see all the articles for you. There are also videos and audio files.
Breaking News English
Simple English News

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