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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tips for learning English

These are the ideas mentioned in 3º ESO for those of you who want to improve your English or any other foreign language.

  • Go to a country where that language is spoken, if possible
  • Listen, read, write and speak in English as much as possible
  • Read books in English (original or adapted)
  • Read a book in English that you have previously read in your first language
  • Watch TV in English (change the language/original version with/without subtitles)
  • Play videogames in English
    • Minecraft, etc.
  • Listen to songs (YouTube, radio, i-Tunes, etc.)
  • keep a small notebook or journal for new expressions
    • Songs with the lyrics
  • Read the news online in English
  • Keep a small notebook or journal for new word and phrases
  • Accept mistakes as positive, as part of the learning process
  • Watch YouTube videos for songs, dialogues, speeches, documentaries, etc.
  • Speak to foreigners who speak English
  • Set your phone in English (settings)
  • Try

  • Speak in Spanish in your English class
  • Translate everything
  • Use a translator (Google Translator, for example)
  • Look up every single word you don't know
  • Not speak trying to avoid making mistakes
  • Study a lot of English in a short period of time

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