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Monday, June 13, 2016

Message from Reid

Hello everyone!

Reid back home
I have safely made it back to the U.S. and am now writing to you from my house in Seattle, Washington. I hope that everything is going well, and that you are able to stay focused for these last two weeks before summer. My experience living in Lugo and teaching in Guntin was an incredible one that I will never forget. I truly enjoyed spending time together in each one of our classes, and it is my dream that I will be able to return to Spain one day. The book with comments you all wrote for me really made me smile--I waited to read it until I was on the plane, and I'm glad I did. It made the 19 hours go by much faster!

Since I've been home, I have been spending a lot of time with my brother Cole and cousin Troy. Cole has cooked me dinner every single night that I've been home. It's like I have a private chef :) I bought Cole a cookbook and a small jar of anchovies from Cantabria (he loves them), and Troy a T-shirt from Lugo. You made some very good gift suggestions--thank you! My mom and dad are also coming from Phoenix, Arizona this week to visit my brother, cousin and I. I haven't seen them for 6 months so I'm looking forward to it.

My plan for the summer is to spend a lot of time with family, go hiking and biking, and go fishing. I hope that you all learned something while I was with you, and I hope that you enjoyed our classes as much as I did. I will certainly miss it. 

Good luck with the last days of school and have a great summer!


P.s. I forgot to mention on my last day, if any 4th year students continuing on with their studies ever need advice or just want someone to read through a work of theirs (an essay, a resume, etc.) I am more than happy to do so. Please let them know that they can reach me through this email or feel free to send me a message through LinkedIn. Enjoy the summer, and good luck next year!


  1. Dear Reid:
    This week many of the students of CPI Tino Grandío are going to send you messages as we are going to read this post in our ESO classes. Be ready for their replies and messages. Many of them really miss you and are glad to read that you are safe and sound back home.
    Your plans for the summer look gorgeous so enjoy them all.
    Keep in touch,

  2. Hello Reid! I am Alba from 3º ESO and I am happy that you enjoyed the book with comments.
    Now all we have a lot of exams because this is the last week of the school year, we will finish it the next 22th June.
    I think that we all are wishing for our summer holidays, the problem is that the weather is not very good, there are many clouds and some wind.
    We also have a celebration this next weekend, the Arde Lucus, in which people often wear Roman clothes, and in which there are other things such as leather bracelets and wallets... in this celebration there are representations about ampitheatres of the Roman age, so it is interesting.
    I hope that you enjoy your holidays, too!

  3. Hello Reid,how was your return? I hope that was good. You should come here again for continue teaching us.If you remember, in Guntin and Lugo you have got many friends. After telling you this, you should think and choose. In holidays, you can return here to enjoy Arde Lucus (a Roman Festivity), and San Froilán, a festivity with rides and very food, like octopus and tapas. San Froilán is in October, but don't worry, you will probably find an excuse for enjoying San Froilán.

  4. Hello, Reid. I'm Xacob and in these days I'm very tired because I have many exams, but on Wednesday 22th I finish my classes, I'm wishing for the holidays. This week in Lugo there are a festivity,the Arde Lucus. People dress in Roman clothes and Celts.I don't liked but many people come.

  5. Hi Reid!I'm Fran, from the third year.Lately,we have had many tests because the summer is close and we don´t have much free time.I´m glad you´re back with your family,enjoy the summmer!

  6. Hi Reid! I am Carla from fourth year.
    I really miss the classes with you because they were really fun and entertaining. For example, now, we should be in a class with you.
    On the other hand, last week we went to a school trip to Cantabria and Burgos where we had a very good time all together. However this week we must do our last exams and at the weekend we are going to go to Arde Lucus dressed up as Romans, it's a pity that you can't stay here for this party in Lugo, you would probably love it.
    As you, in a week we also have to leave this school and I am sad because I really liked the years I have spent here.
    So, in some years, it will be great to see you another time, here at the school or maybe in the USA! I would like to go there.

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  8. Hi Reid!How was the journey to the US?I hope it was good! I really enjoyed staying with you, I hope that you can return to Lugo and see us or maybe, we can go to the US in some years.
    I hope that you're having a good time with your family and friends, the 4º year students went to Burgos and Cantabria last week and as you said Cantabria is a very beautiful place.
    Clases are finishing on the 22th, then as we said to you we have lots of parties with lots of food, I hope that one day you can come back and go to Arde Lucus for example and dress up as a Roman.

  9. Hi Reid! I'm Josefina, from fourth year. I hope that you have a great summer with your family and friends. We will have it too, but first we have to finish our exams, we have some left because of our school journey to Burgos and Cantabria (It was really fun!). This weekend in Lugo we have the Arde Lucus, in which we get to dress up as Romans or Castrexos (peasants). It is a really fun and popular activity here in Lugo and it's a pity that you are not here to enjoy it, I think that you will love it as much as we do!
    We hope to see you soon around here!

  10. Hi Reid! I´m Sandra from 4th year, I'm very happy that you enjoyed our presents, and that your family enjoyed the presents that you bought from Lugo. Last week our class went to a School trip to Burgos and Cantabria, we enjoyed the trip very much,in the blog we are making a presentation about the school trip, you can see it.
    This week I have some exams, and I'm a bit tired, but there is only one week left...
    Finally, I hope that you enjoy your summer and the rest of the year.

  11. Hello, Reid. I'm Lucía from 4º ESO. Last week we went on our school journey, and is a pity that you aren't here to tell you how it was with all the details; but in sum, it was perfect, we went to Burgos and Cantabria and we enjoyed to spend time together a lot .
    This weekend is going to be the Arde Lucus, I think that you will enjoy it. Later we are going to have the summer holidays that we will enjoy a lot and I hope that you have it to with you family and friends.
    I hope to see you another time!

  12. Hi Reid! I'm Dani from 4th, thanks for the good news, We are really tired because of the final exams, but the holidays are nearer. The 4th ESO group enjoyed in our school trip, we saw beautiful places and we had fun. Nice to talk to you.

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  14. Hi Reid!I´m Carlos from 3th. This week I have many exams and this weekend I will go to Arde lucus,it´s an important festivity in Lugo.People dress in Roman clothes and Celts.Many people come to the Arde lucus.This holidays I will go to Asturias and will go visit my family.In the summer I have a lot free time,play many sports in the beach and go fishing with my father in the river.Finally,I´m return to the school in setember.

  15. Hello, Reid. I'm Jose from 3th. Last week, students in fourth year went to a trip around Burgos and Cantabria. At school there were few people.
    Next weekend, I'm going to Arde Lvcvs, but I will not disguise. Next week, we will finish classes and I hope to pass my subjects.
    Have a good summer!

  16. Hello Reid!I'm Sergio from 3th.Last week,the students from 4th went to Burgos and Cantabria.They were very happy with the journey and also very tired,because they walked very much.This weekend is Arde Lucus.

  17. Hello Read.
    I am Jonathan from 3º ESO.Have a good time you and your family this summer.
    In the summer I am going to visit my family and I am going to go to the beach with my family.I houp pass all my subjets.


  18. Hello,Reid. I'm Noelia from 3ºESO.In this days, I am very tired because I have many exmans. I want you to come back because in June you can see Arde Lucus and this celebration is very interesting and you can see the Roman culture. These holidays I am going to go to beach and I am going to visit other provinces with my family.
    I would like you to tell me about your holidays.

  19. Hi Reid! I am Pedro from 3º ESO.
    This summer I going to go to the cinema, play football, play tennis, play basketball and I going to go to the swimming pool with my family or with my friends. My friends and I of the Milagrosa arrive in the finally and is very happy. GOODBYE

  20. Hello read.
    I am Marcos 3ºESO. 22 june finish the school I am happy. in the summer visit my family and go to the beach.I wish you have a great summer. next week Arde Lucus.
    Good bye

  21. Hi Read! I´m Miguel from 3º ESO. I'm going to Arde Lucus in this wekeend and I will dress as Roman. My team Milagrosa play the final of the tournament. The next wekeend I go fishing with my parent and my brother. Finally I return to the school in september.

  22. Hello Reid! I'm Aroa from 3th year . Who was your return? Do you like Spain? This weekend is Arde Lucus, in Arde Lucus many people came and the people disguised as Romans or the "Castrexo". This summer I will go to Paris and visit me grandparents too. Greetings, I hope you come back.

  23. Hi Reid!
    I'm Antía, from 4th year.
    I hope you had a good return home. I'm glad you have enjoyed your time here with us. Like my classmates have said, we made a school trip the previous week, we spend a really good time there. Like you, we visited Cantabria and some of us also bought some souvenirs there. This week we are going to have the final exams but the holidays will start soon. We hope you remember us and we also encourage you to visit us, maybe we will see you at the school in Guntín or maybe travelling around Europe or America.
    Enjoy your summer and the whole year!

  24. Hi Reid!
    I'm Adrian, from 4th year.
    I'm going to Arde Lucus in the wekeend and dress as a Roman.
    Did you like Spain?
    How was the travel?
    I liked Cantabria very much: the beach is beautiful,Burgos too.
    This week we are going to have the final exams but the holidays will come soon.
    Visit Cantabria, it is beautiful.
    Next year I'll study FP.

  25. Hi Reid!I am Juan Arias from 4th PDC.
    How was the trip?.I hope you enjoy the summer fishing and the beach. I hope you liked Lugo a lot,Cantabria is very good.
    This weekend are the feasts of Arde Lucus, it is a shame we can't count on you.
    Have a good summer and a happy new year.

  26. Hello Reid!I am David,from 4th year.How was the trip?I hope you have a good sumer with your family.I hope you liked Lugo,Cantabria is very good.It is a pity you can't come to Arde Lucus.
    Good bye.

  27. Hi Reid!I am Juan Arias from 4th PDC.
    How was the trip?.I hope you enjoy the summer fishing and the beach. I hope you liked Lugo a lot,Cantabria is very good.
    This weekend are the feasts of Arde Lucus, it is a shame we can't count on you.
    Have a good summer and a happy new year.

  28. Hi Reid!
    I´m Óscar 4ºESO. School finishes just now in June.
    From Thursday 16 to 19 we have a party called Arde Lucus in which we wear Roman clothes.
    In the summer I will go to te beach with family and friends.
    I really liked the trip we made to Burgos and Cantabria.
    I hope you had a great time here in Lugo and you could catch many fish.
    I hope that you will have very good here for lugo.
    I will go to Arde Lucus and hopefully enjoy it very much.
    I would like that you could be for Arde Lucus.
    Next year I will study cooking in FP. like your brother.
    A greeting.
    See you soon.

  29. Hi Reid!
    I'm Laura 4º ESO. This summer I will go to the beach, play football and play tennis. I'm very happy but on the 22 we finish the school. I hate the Arde Lucus because it is boring. How was your travel?. Did you like Spain? We visited Cantabria and Burgos, it was beautiful. We visited Burgos: it is beautiful.
    Next year I'll study FP.
    A greeting.

  30. Hi Reid.
    I´m Javi from 4th year.I wish you a good summer and I'd like to see you some other day.
    This weekend is Arde Lucus in Lugo and you surely like Arde Lucus because it is very beautiful and interesting.This weekend I play the final of the tournament with my team in Friol.I´m happy to know you.Good bye.

  31. Hi Reid!! I´m Maria Rosario 4ªESO. Next week finish the school. This summer Iwill go to Arde Lucus it is a traditional festival of Lugo from 16 to 19 June. I´m very sad why will miss school, but i will come to make a visit sometimes. I wish that have a good summer with family,
    I hope you come back soon to visit us and to 4 students tell us. Did you like Lugo? We were go to school trip four days, we wisited Cathedral in Burgos, Cabárceno in Cantabria, Museum of Human Evolution and caves Soplado, it was a very happy and beautifull. Next year is go to Lugo in study BAC at IES Lucus Agusti.
    A greetings and I hope to see you soon.

  32. Hi Reid!
    I am Ángel, from 4th year.
    I hope you had a good journey and you have a good summer. This weekend is Arde Lucus. It is a very beautiful party. It is a pity you are not here because you will surely like it. I hope that you return soon to Guntin, even if I can´t see you in the school because next year I'll study in Lugo. This summer I'll enjoy as much as possible because it is the best summer, since the next summer I have studied probabily because I will fail some subjects.

  33. Hi Read!I am Diego from 4th year.
    I am going to Arde Lucus in this weekend because it is a big party and a famous celebration of Lugo. This days I wacht the eurocup and I encourage Spain, however, I like America Cup.
    Have a good summer!
    Good bye.

  34. Hi Reid!
    I´m Raúl from, from 4th year.
    The English class is not the same without you.
    Last weekend, we visited Cantabria and Burgos, Cantabria and Burgos are beautiful but Burgos is more interesting.
    This holidays I will go to the beach in Andalucia our Algarve(Portugal)you´re invited.
    Good bye.

  35. Hi Reid
    I'm Ivan from 4º ESO. I hope you had a good trip getting back to home, we arived from Burgos and Cantabria last thursday, we had good time and we enjoyed it alot. Now all of us miss you very much so if you ever get back came to see us. In a few days the school ends and we are going to have a good sumer (If the weather improves) and this weekend there are a great festival in Lugo the Arde Lucus it's a shame that you miss it.
    I hope everything goes well, you catch a lot and come back soon.

  36. Hi Ried!
    I am Luis from 4º ESO. This summer I will go to Burela and in Burela
    I will go to the beach and I will play football with my brother and my sister.
    In Burela I will visit Sargadelos and in august I will go to my house. In my hause I will see the euracopa and someday I will visit my friends. Good bye.

  37. Hi Reid!
    I'm Martin from 4º ESO.
    I'm happy because the summer holidays arrive soon and I will go to a lot of parties.
    This Saturday I will go to the Arde Lucus and I will eat octopus.
    A greeting

  38. Hi Reid!
    I'm Rocío from 4º ESO.
    The last week we went to Cantabria and Burgos, we visited the cathedral, the beach, the city in train but by many hot. The trip was great!
    This weekend is Arde Lucus, the people can disguise the roman...
    We are very funny but de school finally in few days, and the summer arrives!
    In the summer in going to: swimming pool,beach, partis...
    They liked presents to your family?
    Nice to meet you!The students of 4ºESO missed you!
    Enjoy your summer, Reid.

  39. Thanks for all of the comments everyone. Your trip to Burgos and Cantabria sounds amazing. I wish I was still traveling around Spain!

    Congratulations to the players on the Milagrosa soccer team. It seems like you all have some great plans for the summer. I wish you all a happy last day of school!