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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

School report about famous historical characters

Choose one of these historical characters and write a text about it, following the following steps:

  • Open a Microsoft Word/OpenOffice or LibreOffice Writer and include the following sections.
  • Write 4-10 lines in each of the sections and save the document.
  • Be careful with the layout.
  • Don’t copy from any website (not even Wikipedia).
  • Include one or two pictures.
  • Mention the websites you have used.
  • Write your full name at the bottom.
  • It should be just ONE page.
  • Read it through and check your mistakes.
  • Then send it to your teacher to be revised and printed.
  • The final report will be shown to all the school community.

  1. Montesquieu - Jose Carlos Lodeiro Posada (4º ESO)
  2. Voltaire
  3. Rousseau - Jonathan Díaz López (4º ESO)
  4. Rosa Parks -  Alba Vázquez Cerceda (4º ESO)
  5. Fragonard
  6. Antonio Cánova - Antía Vázquez Devesa (3º ESO)
  7. Jacques-Louis David
  8. Jane Goodall - Adrián López Besteiro (3º ESO)
  9. Abraham Lincoln - Pedro Bruzos Gay (4º ESO)
  10. Louis XVI
  11. Rosalía de Castro - Javier Otero Rodríguez (3ªESO)
  12. Marie-Antoinette - José Ángel López Hermida (4º ESO)
  13. Maximilien Robespierre
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte - Sergio Luaces Rodríguez (4º ESO)
  15. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes -  Javier Pajón Carreira (4º ESO)
  16. James Watt - Noelia Abel Varela (4º ESO)
  17. Mother Teresa - Aroa Varela García (3º ESO)
  18. Garibaldi
  19. Otto Von Bismarck - Álvaro Piñeiro Pérez (3º ESO)
  20. Pablo Iglesias (PSOE) - Álex Vázquez Castiñeira (3º ESO)
  21. Lenin
  22. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  23. David Livingstone - Francisco Martínez Fernández (4º ESO)
  24. James Cook - Silvia Méndez Villar (3º ESO)
  25. Henry Stanley
  26. Cecil Rhodes - Alejandro Pérez López (3º ESO)
  27. John Fitzgerald Kennedy _ Miguel Ares Valín (4º ESO)
  28. Fidel Castro
  29. Lech Walesa
  30. Mahatma Gandhi - Marcos Arias Rodríguez (4º ESO)
  31. Yasser Arafat
  32. Vicente Risco
  33. Castelao - Patricia García Vázquez (3ºESO)
  34. Empress Zita of Bourbon-Parma - Xacob Yáñez López (4º ESO)
  35. Charles I of Austria
  36. Marie Curie

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