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Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day

St. Stephen - image from Wikipedia
When is Boxing Day?
In Britain, Boxing Day or St. Stephen's day, is usually celebrated on the following day after Christmas Day, which is the 26th of December.

Like Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a public holiday in Britain. This means it is typically a non working day in the whole of Britain. When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the following Monday is the public holiday. Children don't go to school and can play with their new toys, whereas adults have another day off after Christmas day.

Where does the term Boxing Day come from?
It started as a day when poor people were helped by wealthy people. Traditionally, the 26th of December was the day to open the Christmas Box (a wooden container with gifts - what we might call aguinaldo in Spanish) to share the contents with the poor.

Origins of this celebration
These Christmas Boxes were used in different ways:

  • To protect shipts
  • In churches to help the poor
  • A present for the workers who had to work on Christmas Day
Shoppers in Toronto - image from Wikipedia
What do people do today?
  • It's a time for staying with one's family, similar to Christmas Day.
  • Shops open for the sales, so it's a great day to go shopping for bargains and shops and shopping centers are full of people.
  • Children play with their new presents


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