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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Hot Potatoes revision units for ESO-4 history

Those of you who are going to study histoy as part of your Social Studies syllabus, will have the opportunity of testing your knowledge using the Hot Potatoes tests that have been uploaded at the Social Studies ESO-4 page in this blog.
Each test has been designed to cover the most important points in each of the units you will be studying this year. We hope they are useful and if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions about them we'll be delighted to take them into account.
These are the tests:
- Unit 1 - The 18th century in Spain
- Unit 2 - The American Revolution
- Unit 3 - The French Revolution
- Unit 4 - The Directory
- Unit 5 - The Industrial Revolution
- Unit 6 - Imperialism and Nationalism
- Unit 7 - The Unification of Italy and Germany
- Unit 8 - Spain in the 19th century
- Unit 9 - The First World War
- Unit 10 - The Russian Revolution
- Unit 11 - The Booming Twenties

Department of history and geography-bilingual section

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