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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Imperial vs. metric units of measurement

British and American people do not use the metric system. They use the Imperial units of measurement. But, do you know them?
Did you know that Pau Gasol is 7 ft 0 in tall? And Shakira 5 ft 2 in?
It's 2,790 miles between New York and Los Angeles? How much is it in kilometres?
How big is a pint of liquid?
And a pound? Do chocolate bars weigh more or less than a pound?
What units are used in the UK and US to measure the following items?
petrol or fuel for a car
  • milk
  • a house
  • water
  • somebody's weight
  • somebody's height
  • temperature
If you want to convert units of measurement there are several useful websites:
Metric conversion Units
Conversion Calculator

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