This blog has been designed to provide information about the activities held at the social studies bilingual sections in CPI Tino Grandío (Guntín,Spain). The English language and Social Studies teachers have elaborated most of the resources you can see but our "auxiliares de conversa" also have their own page and posts. Therefore everyone is invited to have a look .

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your etwinning profile

If you are one of the students in the ESO-3/4 bilingual sections at CPI Tino Grandío you are invited to send in your profile for the eTwinning project, International Calendar 2011-2012.  This way our Polish and Lithuanian partners will know you. Besides some of them want to know you because we are trying to find pen pals among them.

  • So you can write about:
  • You: describe yourself, your family and friends
  • What you like and don't like
  • Your village
  • Your school
  • Your free time
  • Important events in your past and what you want to do in the future.

And you can also upload some photos. Remember that the folder which contains our profiles won't be made public.

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