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Thursday, June 13, 2013

News in Levels

News in Levels is an interesting website for students of English as a second language as you can read the latest news at your own level. Texts are written at three different levels so that any student can find a version that matches their proficiency in English.
This is a great recommendation to keep your English alive this summer as you read the news.
They describe themselves this way:
We write news for students of English. We help students to learn and understand English.
Easy English news can help everybody who wants to understand better. We have been teaching English for many years. After many years of teaching we started to do a new thing. We knew that many students wanted to read news on the internet. They wanted to read something easy. We were looking for short news in easy English on the internet. We found many news sites but we did not find a lot of news with easy reading and listening.
We started to prepare short English articles. We started in March 2011. We wanted to help students understand more and have a chance to practise English. We wanted to give them some news for their level of English.
Now we prepare short articles every working day. Everybody can use them. All students can use them. All teachers can use them. We believe that these articles will help you have better English and understand more.

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