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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

from Taylor

Hi guys! I hope you've all been doing well since I last saw you a couple of weeks ago. I'm sorry it took me so long to write to you, I've been busy with my brother's high school graduation and vacation to the beach.

I want to take a moment to thank you all for this last year. You've made it a great one for me and I have learned a lot from you. Every one of you has something to offer and can accomplish awesome things if you put in your best effort. Hugs to everyone!

So you guys had great ideas about souvenirs. My family and friends loved all of their gifts. Here are some pictures of a few things I brought back to the US with me:

My brother with the soccer jersey I bought him (at the chino, shhhhh)
The wine and chorizo I brought for my parents.

My cousins with their hats and cookies I bought them.

Also, I hope you all enjoy watching the World Cup!
My friend and I ready to watch the game, Go Team USA!
4th year, have fun and be safe in Madrid!

Here's to a great summer for everyone at CPI Tino Grandio!

Talk to you soon,



  1. hello Taylor. I'm Laura i like what you wrote
    Laura Pérez - 5º EP

  2. Hello Taylor,miss you a lot,we learned a lot with you many kisses
    De Andrea 5ºEP

  3. Hi Taylor! How are you? I loved what you wrote to us, we take you so much ... you learned a lot! I hope you come back here one day
    We love you;) Many kisses
    Tania Rodríguez - 5º EP

  4. Hi Taylor My name Silvia fifth how you are?Such on the beach

  5. Hello Taylor, such. we are Alex and Javier dfrom 6º primary. we hope to see you again. Alvaro P.S.I soely missed.

  6. Hello i'm Liviu(6 of primary) what you wrote was very nice and you are very beautiful in this photo. I have a question for you :When will you come back ?

  7. hello taylor i`m aurora i like what your wrote to us many kisses

    aurora curras diaz 6º EP

  8. Hi Taylor,
    I'm Ana. I hope you're really having a good time over there. I'm with the 5º and 6º primary kids at the moment and they really miss you. We all miss you. Tomorrow we are going to watch the two movies made at school. I'll tell you how it goes.

  9. Hello Taylor
    I congratulate to brother by graduate,that you it passes very good.


  10. hello taylor i am Mario gayoso alvarez 5º how are you what having a good time and pin your brother gaduating: