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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our zebra fish

Zebra fish and their life cycle by María López Alonso

The female lays eggs in the water, where the male fertilizes them. The stages of embryonic development are fast.

The females lay more than 200 eggs per week. The embryos are protected by a membrane, the chorion. After three days the embryos hatch.
They can be kept in the laborature in culture dishes thanks to their small size.
An adult is approximately 4 incles long. Unlike humans zebra fish continue to grow until death.

Why are zebra fish interesting? by Jennifer Somoza Couso

The zebra fish is native of Eastern India and Bangladesh. The "danio rerio" can live in termperature that range from 64ºF to about 77ºF. 
It makes an attractive display, particularly when 5 to 10 specimens are kept together. 
Zebra fish are omnivorous.

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