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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Let's Cook Together - eTwinning recipes

As part of our eTwinning project you have to make some recipes of meals that you can cook or that you particularly like. They are going to be uploaded at the Twinspace we have for the project as well as at the project blog we have.

You might consider other designs for your recipe but we suggest making a short movie or a presentation.

After your movie or presentation is finished uploading it at YouTube or Slideshare will let us show it in the blog as you can see below.

  1. record yourself / record somebody / let somebody record you while cooking
  2. a mobile phone camera will do
  3. carefully record the ingredients first
  4. then all the steps to make the recipe
  5. you can speak and tell how to make all the steps or record your voice later on
  6. show the result, the dish as it is ready to be served
  7. put all the bits together using MovieMaker or any other programme for film edition
  8. write subtitles with the text (they should correspond to what you say)
  9. if you have not spoken during the recording you might record your voice as you watch the film and then add  the audio file at the end (you probably have an audio recorder in your mobile)
  10. add an opening and closing slide:
    1. the opening slide should have the title of the recipe, the name of the project (Let's Cook Together) and you name
    2. the closing slide should have the credits: the names of all the people who have helped you (family, friends, etc.), the school, etc.

  1. first take pictures of the ingredients, they can be all in one picture or one picture per ingredient
  2. then take pictures as you or somebody else is cooking the recipe
  3. make a presentation and describe the process thoroughly
  4. the first slide should be for the title of the recipe, your name and the name of the project, Let's Cook Together
  5. the second slide (or maybe more than one) for the ingredients
  6. and then the rest for each of the steps of the cooking process.
  7. include text explaining each part
  8. finally, show the resulting meal

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