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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saxon genitive

It is a structure that indicates possession:

  • Add 's after the possessor:
    • Mandy's car
    • The women's room
    • The queen's jewels
  • Add 's after the plural and after endings in 's':
    • My friends' house
    • Her granparents' car
    • Lewis' job
    • Frances' boat
  • Add 's after the possessor's name, or use a possessive pronoun:
    • A friend of my mother's (=one of my mother's friends)
    • A friend of your teachers' (=one of your teachers' friends)
  • Some expression take the possessive form (without the noun):
    • We went to Peter's
    • At the Simpson's
    • At the doctor's
    • Macy's
  • It tends to be used if possessors are people, animals or institutions:
    • the cat's tail
    • Mary's supermarket
    • the government's proposal
  • But remember:
    • the leg of the table
    • the end of the process
    • the boot of the car

Now try to describe who's who in the British Royal family:
taken from

And who's who in the Spanish Royal Family?


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