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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Movies and music to improve your English

In this post I am going to mention a couple of applications that might help you improve your English:

  • lyricstraining
    • This website has many songs with activities that will let you listen and write in English. Songs are graded according to their level of difficulty.

  • spotify and musiXmatch 
    • These aplications will let you listen to music in English (Spotify) and if you install musiXmatch, this extension will find the lyrics of the songs you listen to in Spotify. This combination is very useful and also works for mobile phones.

  • pordede 
    • This is a useful website to download movies or TV series with subtitles in English. Remember that this is a Spanish website so not everything is in English or with subtitles in English, but most of the series you will probably like are here.

  • YouTube
    • This website is a great place to find movies, documentaries, TV series or songs. just look for materials in English with English subtitles and there you are.

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