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Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

This week, on the 17th of March, st. Patrick's day will be celebrated. Here you are some information and activities about this date.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every 17th of March by the Irish and Irish origin people all over the world, particularly in the USA. People usually celebrate it wearing something green, eating green food, drinking green drinks or using Irish symbols such as clover, Leprechauns, etc.

2) Riverdance (video)

3) Gaelic football rules

4)How to celebrate St. Patrick like and Irishman.

    • What do you think of these traditions?
5) And so, what are these (pictures from wikipedia):

And these are some of the cities where St. Patrick's day is celebrated: (These pictures have been taken from Wikipedia)

6) Game about St. Patrick's Day


Dublin-picture from Wikipedia


Sydney-picture from Wikipedia


Washington D.C. - picture from Wikipedia


London-picture from Wikipedia

picture by Sabela Arias 

picture by Sabela Arias 

picture by Sabela Arias 

picture by Sabela Arias 

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