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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Revision for 3ºESO & 4ºESO students

These are the main points that you can revise during your Easter holidays:
  1. Tenses
    1. Revision
    2. Revision 2
    3. Sheet with all the tenses
  2. Conditional structures
  3. Modals
  4. Used to
  5. Comparatives and superlatives
  6. Connectors
  7. Dialogues

    • Physical description

8. Essay topics: (you can send me any of these essays by email):
  1. What you did last summer (past simple)
  2. Next summer (future simple-will)
  3. Next week (going to)
  4. The rules of this school (modals: have to, must, mustn't, should, shouldn't)
  5. A dialogue in a restaurant
  6. A dialogue in a shop: buy a red T-shirt for your best friend
  7. Describe your teacher
  8. What will you do if you pass all your subjects?
  9. What would you do if you won one million euros in the lottery? (only for 4th year students)

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