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Monday, April 3, 2017

eTwinning team activities


Members: Spain Ana Arias-teacher (13):, Guste Kiriliauskyte (Lt), Alba Vázquez (Sp), Gabriela Kosmider (Pl), Jakub Kapola (Pl), Wiktoria Babiarczyk (Pl), Mantas Kobcevas (Lt), Antia Vazquez (Sp), Stanislaw Namysl (Pl), Vika Isupova (U),Indrius Zerveckas (Lt), Alex Biruk (U), José Ángel Lopez (Sp), Patricia García (Sp)

Communication: Forum 1

TASK 1: online presentation. Presentation about the strangest foods in your area (city, neighbourhood or country) Each of you may make one slide or two, one for each food or dish.

TASK 2: My maps. Complete the map sharing information about the most strange foods you know worldwide. You can add information about the foods you've written about in the presentation and about any others you have heard of or tried.

Deadline: middle of May

Members: Javier Pajón (Sp), Volodia Yakymir (U), Zuzanna Kaluzna (Pl), Joanna Pietrucha (Pl), Francisco Martínez (Sp), , Laura Grzesiak (Pl), Martyna Kuberka (Pl), Monika Tamosauskite (Lt), Mazvydas Kairys (Lt), Agne Puidokaite (Lt), Wiktoria Kaminska (Pl),Skaiste Kairyte (Lt)

Communication: Forum 2


MembersAlvaro Piñeiro (Sp), Natalia Kabacinska (Pl), Marianna Potapow (Pl), Álex Vázquez (Sp), Mindaugas Kazlauskis (Lt), Ruta Muskauskaite (Lt), Halya Shmahlo (U), Artur Ilyin (U),  Natalia Vazquez (Sp), Alicja Danilecka (Pl), Paulina Szmura (Pl), Zoriana Kozak (U), Dominykas Andrutis (Lt), Kacper Mokijewski (Pl)

Communication: Forum 3


MembersGroup 4: Silvia Méndez (Sp), Julia Luczak (Pl),Martyna Czeszak (Pl), Xacob Yáñez (Sp), Toma Pronckute (Lt), Kristina Jablonskyte (Lt), Emilia Buda (Pl), Nicole Augustyniak (Pl), Joanna Klessa (Pl), Alia Al Arusi (U), Lubhyk Velykyi (U), Arturas Martinavicius (Lt),), Maksymilian Borowka (Pl), Noelia Abel (Sp)

Communication: Forum 4

Topic: Amusements in my hometown or neighbourhood
 TASK 1: Online Google presentation
Each student is invited to prepare one slide about different kinds of entertainment in his/her hometown or neighbourhood.
If you don’t have any in your place, please describe where you can spend free time in your hometown or neighbourhood.
Own photos welcome! Please sign you slide and put the flag of your country.
Below the link to the presentation:

TASK 2: The postcard
Register yourself on 
Prepare the postcard with greetings from your country/city/town/village
Watch the instructive video about this application:
Ready postard you can share, download as an image or PDF.

TASK 3: Favourite amusement(s)
Register yourself on
Each student is invited to present his/her favourite type of entertainment. You can tell us how do you relax or spend time with your friends. Use the pictures, write the text (it will be converted into voice) and get the amazing video.
How to use the SlideTalk:
I hope you like my tasks and enjoy the collaborative activities. If you have any questions or problems, please ask me or your teacher.

The deadline for all tasks: middle of May

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