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Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview to Samuel Donnelly

These are the questions asked to Samuel Donnelly about his stay in our school. The interviewers were the students of the bilingual sections in ESO-3 and ESO-4.

Did you like your stay in Spain?

Yes, I did.

What do you like in Spain?

I really like “jamón”, the lentils, lentils are really good; the lentils in the cafeteria. Well I’ll tell you one thing that I did not like. What I did not like was when I was eating “cocido” I ate the ears. I didn’t like the ears. That’s the one part that I didn’t like.

Did you like Lugo?

Yes, I liked it.

Where will you stay in the summer?

Well, in Lugo.

What will you do next year?

I’ll be the same as here. I’ll be an auxiliar, a reader, the same as here.

Are you going to be here during Arde Lucus?

Yes, I’ll be here. Any other recommendation for things to do?

Are you going to dress up like a Roman?

Probably, maybe a Celt.

When you came to Lugo, where there any things that shocked you, that you didn’t really expect?

Well, I guess the weather was a bit shocking and difficult. It did not rain as much where I am from, in Missouri. So, so much rain some days I got soaking wet and I did not bring an umbrella so I had to buy an umbrella not to get soaked. Another thing about the weather: the fog surprised me. I did not know there was  so much fog in Lugo. ...Those things definitely surprised me... well, yes, those things.

Was there anything that you disliked in Lugo?

The rain and the fog. So the climate is not great. Sometimes, especially at first I was not used, I was not accustomed to the siesta and the fact that things close so I would go the bank, for example, and the bank was closed, to the bakery, and the bakery was closed. So I didn’t like that at first. And sometimes I didn’t like just not understanding. It’s difficult but it’s your second language and you don’t understand and you get frustrated. Occasionally that.

In your opinion, what is the worst part of Spain?

In general. It’s extremely hot in some places. I don’t know, here the weather was the worst part... and maybe not having English as the first language for a native English speaker is difficult but I also learnt Spanish so good. The language is difficult and the weather in some parts of Spain.

And what is the best part of Spain?

Well, a few things. I generally find Spanish people to be very friendly and open and even with the foreigners. So I think that people are really good.There are all kinds of people everywhere but in general good.

The food in Spain is delicious and very fresh and good and it is probably much better than in the United States. So I think the food was excellent. The food in Galicia was very good.

Do you like the Roman Wall?

Yes, I like the Roman Wall and I walked on the Roman Wall.

Yes, I’d say the ruins were kind of interesting but small. Yes, that’s OK. For a few hours it’s interesting.

What did you thing about San Froilán?

OK, great. My favourite thing was seeing so many people in the street. People were really happy and having a party, having a good time. The music was great, hearing the little bands and the concerts and I liked trying the food that people were selling in the streets. The food, concerts and the atmosphere in general.

Do you like the village of Guntín?

Yeah. I do not know the village that well. I come here to work. But I do walk and I go to the “tanatorio” and other places (laugh). I do not know Guntín that well.

But is Texas hotter?

Well yes, fine. But I have only been to Texas one time, once or twice, and it’s extremely hot. Very sunny. Maybe similar to Andalucía. And, yeah, hotter than Lugo.

Do you like chestnuts?

Yes, I did very much like it. I went to the magosto in the monastery, which was wonderful. The food was great and the company was great. It seems like a wonderful tradition and the chestnuts were delicious. I very much liked it. Other questions?

Which is your favourite shop in Lugo?

My favourite shop. Maybe the bakery Don León. They have delicious empanadas and other things. There’s one near where I live.

When do you want to return to the USA?

Probably after the job that I have in Cádiz. I don’t know if I’ll have another job after that. And at some point I have to see my family. If my family will not visit me I think that I will definitely want to visit them in the United States. Some time but I like Spain a lot so for now I’m here.

Are there chorizos in the United States?

Not really. There are but they are not popular.

And the worst food in Spain?

Pig ears.

What is your favourite place in Lugo.

My favourite place is the walk along the river, along the Miño.

Which cities or villages have you visited in Spain?

In Galicia I visited Pontevedra, Santiago, A Coruña, Ourense, the coast of Lugo. Quite a bit of Galicia. Besides Galicia I’ve seen Asturias, not very much, just driving through. Cantabria. I’ve been to Santander. Besides that... Those are the places that I’ve visited. I would like to visit Oviedo and the Basque Country, still.

Do you speak Galician?

Yes, a little bit. I can understand some and I can speak a little bit.

Can you say something in Galician?

Yeah, OK, eu falo un pouquiño de galego.

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