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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CLIL teaching in seccións bilingües

CLIL teaching is a way of learning a foreign language while learning a subject taught in this language. Traditional EFL methodology failed to let students use the new language in realistic contexts. CLIL lets us both learn it and use it at the same time. However, as the CLIL teacher is not a second language teacher, specific focus on form (grammar, vocabulary, essay writing...) is required.
Our seccións bilingües try to let our students enjoy CLIL methodology in order to learn English. Even though this may seem an extra effort, it doesn't have to be necessarily so as teachers know what to expect and how to solve those specific problems that most students encounter. In fact CLIL classes tend to be more active, communicative and use tasks more frequently.
If you want to learn more about CLIL there are specific websites with lots of information you may read:

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