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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ESL / EFL tips for learning English more effectively

picture by Luana Fischer-Banco Imágenes ITE
The summer is a good time to try and improve the way you are learning a language. There is some advice that you might find useful in "10 Tips for Language Learning success". This is a summary of these 10 important tips: 
  1. Set realistic expectations . Don't try to learn more than it is reasonable to do. Be realistic and set goals that you can finally achieve.
  2. Break study time into smaller chunks. Shorter periods of study time are more effective than longer periods, so try to find short periods for your study time several times a day or between other school subjects you have to study..
  3. Learn vocabulary effectively. Vocabulary is essential in any language, use different techniques that might help you: flash cards, a notebok, dictionaries, etc.
  4. Practice language actively, read texts and vocabulary orally or aloud because speaking helps a lot.
  5. Do homework conscientiously. Homework can be useful if you spend some extra time, look up new words, pay attention, etc.
  6. Form study groups. Work with your classmates to practice the language. All of you will benefit from one another.
  7. Identify your learning style. Every person learns differently, maybe you are better at grammar, learning vocabulary... or you remember things that you see better than those that you hear. Just identify your style and make the most of it. This website provides a questionnaire that might help you find your learning style.
  8. Maximaze your language exposure. Be in contact with English as much as possible: DVDs, television, songs, speaking to foreigners...
  9. Spend time on task, don't waste any time, try to do extra activities for learning English whenever you have finished the activity you are supposed to do.
  10. Communicate with your instructor. If you have a teacher, make the most of it. Don't concentrate on marks, try to learn.

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