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Friday, October 26, 2012

ESL / EFL Past simple tense

When is the past simple tense used?

  • For completed action in the past (We saw your sister yesterday.)
  • For a series of completed actions (I woke up, had a shower, had breakfast and went to school.)
  • For longer actions that start and stop in the past; time expressions usually go with it (My sister lived in London for years.)
  • For talking about habits which stopped in the past (She studied Japanese when she was in high school.)
  • For past facts or generalizations (Old people never played football.)
How is it made?
  • Positive sentence → Subject + verb+ ed or irregular form (I played with her.- She came with us.)
  • Questions Auxiliary verb + subject +verb (Did they read the story?)
  • Negative sentence Subject + auxiliary verb + verb ( I didn’t like it.) 
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