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Monday, October 22, 2012

ESL / EFL revision of present simple and present continuous

By now you have probably learnt a lot about present simple and present continuous and when you should use each of them. If you need further help you might try these exercises or ask your teacher which other activities might help you use them properly.
Take your time to learn them and try using them orally and in texts.

Basically, we use present simple for:

  • things that are always true (The sun rises in the east.)
  • things that happen all the time, repeatedly, often, sometimes, never… (She often wears red.)
  • Some verbs are normally used in simple tenses: hate, know,like, love, need, prefer, seem understand, want... (I hate this music. /Do you understand?)
And we use present continuous for: 

  • things that are happening now. (The sun is not shining today.)
  • things that are happening around now (I’m  playing a lot of tennis these days.)
  • plans for a fixed future time or place. (What are you doing this evening?)
You may find some extra practice in all these sites:

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