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Monday, September 2, 2013

ESL Exam Tips

  • During the last week before the exam, PRACTISE with past exam papers, so you are familiar with the format.
  • Before the exam day, REVISE adequately, so you know the work well.
  • Strictly TIME YOURSELF each time you practise, so you become used to working at a certain speed. 
  • On the exam day if you have 10 minutes for each of the exercises or activities, don't take longer or you won't be able to finish everything.
  • CHECK your equipment and other necessities, eg: pens, pencils, rubbers, ruler, watch, handkerchiefs...
  • WEAR comfortable clothes & shoes.
  • KEEP CALM during the exam.
  • READ carefully what you are asked before writing. Organise what you are going to say or write, particularly if you have to write paragraphs.
  • ASK your teacher if you don't understand what you have to do in one of the exercises or activities.
  • REVISE after you have finished, before handing in your exam paper. CHECK for spelling or grammar mistakes that you tend to make. 

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