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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today's eTwinning activities

GROUP 1: Strange Foods

  • Spanish members: Alba Vázquez, Antía Vázquez, José Ángel López, Patricia García
  • Activities: 
    • Presentation about strange foods: choose a slide and write about the most strange foods you've tried.
    • Choose a place in the MAP and write a text about a strange food you've tried there
  • Use the Group 1 Forum to communicate with the other students or write comments in the presentation (the comments will be deleted at the end)
  • Spanish members: Javier Pajón, Francisco Martínez, 
    • Activities: Presentation
    • Advice from Neringa, the teacher:
      • Create slides for:
        • People and their appearance in the future
        • Means of transport
        • Houses and buildings
        • Future schools
        • Forms of entertainment
      • You are welcome to write short descriptions, insert photos or your own drawings. Trust your imagination
      • Remember using Future Simple (will/ might+V) or Future Continuous (will +be+V-ing) or even Future Perfect (will+have+V-ed/ 3 form) in your slides to express yourselves. 

GROUP 4: Amusements in my hometown or neighbourhood.

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