This blog has been designed to provide information about the activities held at the social studies bilingual sections in CPI Tino Grandío (Guntín,Spain). The English language and Social Studies teachers have elaborated most of the resources you can see but our "auxiliares de conversa" also have their own page and posts. Therefore everyone is invited to have a look .

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New units for Social Studies

The first 9 units for Social Studies ESO-4 have been already finished by the teachers in Seminario Permanente. All of them, together with a glossary with the most difficult vocabulary and a presentation, have been uploaded at the school's Aula Virtual. You can also download them from this blog. You'll find them at the Social Studies ESO-4 page. If you want to read a bit more about each of the units you can also read or download the text from Wikipedia. To make things easier you have a link to a pdf text from Wikipedia for each of the units. Of course, there are many other interesting pages and you can find some recommeneded books and websites at the end of each unit.

As these units are being used this year for the first time, we'd be grateful if you pointed out any mistakes that you may find so that they can be improved.

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